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Advanced Aircraft Training is built on integrity – committed to excellence!

You have now moved up in class of airplane. It is time to learn how to use all the systems and avionics you now have.

There are so many updated systems and avionics it can seem almost overwhelming. That is where Advance Aircraft can help. Our IFR flight instructors are familiar with all of the newer flight systems and GPS. We have thousands of hours in every imaginable system, and we have the expertise to train you and give you the confidence to use them knowledgeably. We offer accelerated IFR training tailored to your needs. In today’s aircraft, the information systems and technology are getting better every year. Most aircraft are equipped with very sophisticated GPS systems, which make your flying competent and safe. Once you learn these systems you will see what a pleasure it is to fly with them.
Many people want to learn to fly but have no plans on joining an airline. These are people who need someone to show them how to use cutting-edge avionics but haven’t found a competent private instructor outside a commercial airline. The experienced instructors at Advance Aircraft fill that void. We can teach you to fly using the latest innovations that technology has to offer. We help you get your IFR Rating on your airplane with your avionics, even if they’re right up to the moment because we are always on top of innovation at Advance Aircraft.

Let us show you how to utilize all that great equipment with one-on-one flight instruction with an expert pilot.