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Bill Fischer—Certified Flight Instructor

  • Advance Aircraft Training is an accredited flight training school started by Bill Fischer to help pilots complete their Instrument Flight Rules, IFR rating in a timely fashion. Here’s why: Bill is a Certified Flight Instructor who likes to teach, loves to fly, and genuinely wants to see pilots be safe and have fun because of the confidence they will enjoy after getting their IFR ticket through his accelerated program.
  • This is from one of our testimonials: “I don’t know how you do it in 40-45 hours but when we finished I felt I really was competent to fly in IFR. The examiner told me that he felt I was very well trained. I wish to thank you for flying with me through the actual IFR also. It was a real confidence builder.” ~ Steve in Grand Rapids, MI

Finally Done

Bill says, “I’ve had so many people come to me that just couldn’t complete their rating! They had instructors switch on them, or change schedules or the check ride wasn’t booked, and they lost their window of opportunity. I wanted to change all that, so I developed my extremely effective 10-day intense training IFR course.“


  • Bill has more than 22,000 hours of flight time and has been training and instructing pilots for over 25 years. He stays current with the rapid changes in all aspects of flying and licensing and personally trains pilots in the most advanced aircraft and the latest avionics.
  • Bill is certified by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to teach pilots.
  • Even the Designated Pilot Examiners (DPEs) like working with Bill’s students.
  1. Here’s a testimonial from a Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE): Hey Bill, "Just a follow up to say it was a pleasure working with you in getting Griffin his instrument rating! He did a very nice job! You did a great job with him. I will certainly try to catch up with you next time I’m out your way. And please keep me in mind if you ever need a DPE in this area again. Sincerely, Stuart Thank you!"


Bill Fischer has helped over 1000 pilots to obtain their IFR rating and makes the process easy by:
  • 1. Accelerating the entire process. After 10 days, pilots have their IFR rating.
  • 2. Simplifying the written test. At Advance Aircraft Training, we take the hardest part of the FAA’s test and clarify it, so it is easy to understand, learn, pass, and implement the concepts.
  • 3. Making flying fun. Learning in Bill’s relaxed and easy style helps students absorb the information more quickly.
  • 4. Giving students confidence with actual IFR flight experiences. Bill shows the technique and then hands over the controls until it’s all but automatic.
  • 5. Ensuring that you get your rating. Every day there are drills on the written and oral parts of the certification to prepare you to ace the flying (check ride) test and be a more proficient and safe pilot in any weather.
  • Simplifying the written test. At Advance Aircraft Training, we take the hardest part of the FAA’s test and clarify it, so it is easy to understand, learn, pass, and implement the concepts. 

Save Time & Money

  • There are no add-ons. Once the training is scheduled, the price for the entire ten days is set, if additional time is needed the days are scheduled at 50% of normal costs. No surprises. No waiting. No ‘switcheroos.’ After you have completed our course, you will be licensed — and you will be able to fly back and land safely in weather that may have changed from when you took off. You and your family will feel much more confident and secure in your flying abilities.
  • Insurance premiums with IFR are much less than with VFR.


Your insurance will usually be cut in half. IFR rated pilots’ insurance premiums are often 50% of Visual Flight Rules VFR pilots’ insurance. Result: The reduction might cover most of the cost of your IFR certification from Advance Aircraft Training.


Bill flies to you. In addition to having taught all over the United States, Bill has taught in Canada, and in Central and South America. He teaches you in your plane or a chartered plane.


Advance Aircraft Training may be the only company that guarantees you will get your IFR rating. The check ride is scheduled for the end of your 10-day training, and Advance Aircraft does not consider its job completed until you receive your Instrument Ticket.

Confidence and Proficiency

Before Bill Fischer leaves you with the DPE, there will be no doubt in his mind that you will be able to handle any situation that comes your way in the air during the check ride and long after your lessons.