Cliff Beins

Thank you for your patience and time in getting my IFR certificate. Not only did I get the certificate but feel very confident to fly IFR safely.

I had seen some of my friends have bad experiences with IFR training and was very apprehensive about doing the course. I found you on the internet and
Also people had heard of you and your training when I asked around several airports here in Oregon. Several DPE’s told me they had done check rides with
Your students and they were well prepared when he did their check rides.
My experience was great. You put me at ease and made the training fun. (as you advertised). I had just bought an SR22 gen 6 with advanced G1000. It was
Mind boggling when I got it and thought maybe I took on to much. Your teaching method and knowledge of the system soon put me at ease and I learned
The system well. The examiner commented that I had good knowledge of the aircraft and the IFR systems. The check ride was good and I now am a IFR pilot.

Thanks again
Cliff Beins

Milt Cousins – IFR


When I first contacted Bill about IFR training I did not believe we could complete this in 10 days. I added my son with me and we completed us both in 2 weeks and 3 days.I had failed my written twice but bill assured me we would work on this and pass it during the course. No one had every offered to do this with me in training.After a couple days of work on the written my son and I took the test and we both passed. I even got a better score (85%) than my son who was in college. Never thought I could do that. Bill made it challenging and very interesting so I learned quickly.The flight training was professional, real world and fun. We (my son and I) had a great time doing the course. Bill put us in actual IFR conditions and that was a great experience. We did the course in my TBM which is a handful but Bill has so much knowledge about not only the plane but IFR flying.

I highly recommend Bill and his company for IFR training.
Thanks again,

Milt Cousins

Fahmi Slail – U.S. Department of State CA Superior Court

I have received ground and flight instruction from Bill in order to get my instrument and commercial ratings. I have another testimonial about getting the instrument rating and this one is specifically about the commercial rating. One thing I could clearly notice with Bill’s instruction is that he is confident and he doesn’t make a huge deal about the tasks to be learned, he just teaches by having a fun conversation and oh yeah, this is how to do a STEEP TURN the right way as he takes over the controls. Made me want to be better at every maneuver. I am now a commercial instrument rated pilot, thanks Bill !

Fahmi Slail
Arabic interpreter / Cultural adviser
U.S. Department of State
California Superior Court
Idaho Fourth District Court
Oregon Judicial Department
Oregon Federal District Court

Karl got his IFR in June 2018 in his Arrow ll


I appreciate the help through the IFR course. I had a great experience flying with you and had an extremely beneficial experience through your course and learned a great deal. I feel like I am better equipped and would definitely recommend your flight school. You stuck with me through the bitter end, even though I struggled through the written. Thanks again.


Grand Rapids – IFR

Thank you for the great instruction. I had been trying for six months with several instructors and it was great to learn from you. The experience was so more professional and knowledgeable than what I had been experiencing. It would have taken me another six months the way I was going and many more hours. I don’t know how you do it in 40-45 hours but when we finished I felt I really was competent to fly in IFR, the examiner told me that he felt I was very well trained. I wish to thank you for flying with me through the actual IFR also. It was a real confidence builder.

I will have my son ready for you to fly with him this summer and get his IFR also.

Grand Rapids Mi

Rodney Jones – IFR


Thank you so much for the training and instruction in finally getting my IFR ticket. Because of my schedule and a variety of other issues I spent months going through 3 different instructors and the end was not in sight. After spending just a few days with you, I was able to take my check ride and passed it with no issues. I plan on getting my multi-engine rating and will definitely be calling you for the training.

Keep up the GREAT work and thanks again,

Rodney Jones
Highland, CA

Al Gjedsted – CFI

Hey Bill,

I wanted to thank you again for helping me through the arduous process to get my Instrument Rating. After about 3 years of sporadic (at best) training with other CFI’s, I was beginning to lose hope that I’d ever complete the preparation required to be ready for the Practical Test. Luckily (for me) I found Advanced Aircraft Training and you were able to get me prepared and allay my self-doubts so that I now am finally Instrument rated!

Thanks again!

Al Gjedsted
San Francisco

Griffin James got his IFR ticket in Ohio and below is message from the examiner:

Hey Bill,

Just a follow up to say it was a pleasure working with you in getting Griffin his instrument rating! He did a very nice job! You did a great job with him. I will certainly try to catch up with you next time I’m out your way. And please keep me in mind if you ever need a DPE in this area again.


Thank you!

Kyle Hagen Taking his family on IFR cross country


I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your time here in WA. I know it was tough but the end process was a great success as I have passed my written and my check ride! Your ground work was the key to my success!

Thank you and here’s to blue or cloudy skies!


Kyle Hagen
Thank you Bill!

Fahmi Slail, Beaverton, Oregon

U.S. Department of State Oregon Judicial Dept.”I started the process of getting my instrument rating almost two years ago. I thought that signing up for a flight school course would be the most efficient use of my time and money. Unfortunately, I was faced with instructors who were flakes at best. Four flight instructors later, I decided to find a freelance instructor who can help me finish the job done and finally get my checkride. So I tried a couple of them, but they both seem interested in just staying current and not genuinely interested in helping me get my IFR rating.

That all changed when I found Bill Fischer. This man is a goldmine of knowledge, All I had to do is to try and keep up with him, which suits me just great. Bill flew up to Portland, Oregon for ten days and we flew in my Bellanca Super Viking for many hours each day and when when we were driving to the airport, having lunch or driving back from the airport, the conversation was casual, but all about the checkride. He has a way of injecting so much information. Like I said… all I had to do is try to keep up and I loved it.

He trained me in actual IMC conditions, at night and on sunny days as well. My confidence level has gone up ten fold because of Bill. Bill took the stress of having to schedule an examiner and he did it for me. I just passed my (3 hour) IFR Oral and the flight test will be on Friday. I feel good about my preparation. If you value your time and money, there is no better investment than to hire Bill Fischer. just be ready to have fun while learning.”

Thank you Bill!

Randy M, MEI IGI

I had my private license for about 5 years and like many pilots had a few brushes with weather and did not feel that safe. I tried several IFR training facilities over a couple years and had no success or feeling that I would finally get the rating. I had heard about an accelerated program run by Bill Fischer and decided to give one last chance to get it done.Bill came up to train me in my A36 and I knew immediately I had made the correct choice. .He was very patient and his knowledge in the aircraft and IFR very impressive. We flew about 4 hours per day and ground for about 3 hours. I learned so much. I also had to unlearn a lot of bad habits I had picked up. In just one week I was ready for the check ride. Bill scheduled that for me and I felt confident. I did it. Passed and got my IFR certificate. The examiner committed that I was very well prepared and he enjoyed giving me the check ride.

I have recommended several people to Bill and they had the same experience I did and got the rating also.

Thanks again Bill

Don M

I first became acquainted with Bill Fisher at an Air Safety meeting in Hawaii. Bill was one of the speakers and I had been searching for the correct venue to get my IFR rating and my commercial rating. I had tried a few companies or individuals the past year but I was just not getting the training I wanted. I had purchased a Cirrus and it was a completely different system than I was used too.Bill was one of the few people I talked with that had a good knowledge of the plane and system.

I was amazed with the knowledge he had and the easy going method of teaching. I immediately felt comfortable and the training became fun. In just 10 days we completed the IFR portion and I got my certificate. In another 10 days I got my commercial license. Even today it seems incredible that I got both certificates in less than a month and the best is that I was proficient in the flying.

Thank you Bill

Chris C

Bill You are still a big hero of mine. I just can’t believe I have my instrument rating. I get up a lot of mornings and just can’t believe I have achieved that goal. You were able to do in a few short days, what several instructors were unable to accomplish in several years. I am so grateful to you for all of your help. I could have saved a lot of money if I had started with you from the beginning.

My confidence has just so increased since the time you spent with me. I just really appreciate all of the instruction.

Christopher Rapin, Cmdr US Navy Aircraft Carrier

F18 instructor“When I contracted with Bill to finally earn my FAA equivalency after 2500 hours of military flying I expected top notch instruction.

However, I didn’t expect the continued support dealing with the FAA after the initial period of instruction was over. I would highly recommend Bill to anyone looking to start flying, upgrade a rating, or finally get that instrument card. He is a true aviation professionals and one of the most customer service oriented individuals I have dealt with. I would work with Bill Fischer again in a heartbeat.”

Kyle B, Tight End #88 of The World Champion New England Patriots

He trained on a Cirrus SR22 in Jacksonville, CA – Kyle liked his instrument course so much he came back for his Commercial License. On the 5th day he took his check ride and passed. He is planning to get his CFI next.Kyle writes:

“I strongly believe in the “total immersion philosophy of learning”. In addition, my schedule simply didn’t allow for flight training for six months of the year. After 10 days of hard work, I am the happy holder of an instrument ticket. Bill Fischer is a great teacher and made the training fun and rewarding. Thanks Bill”

N Kirk Taylor

My wife and I are both IFR Bonanza A36 pilots. We are three-time recurrent students of Bill Fischer. We call Bill, schedule a time and he comes to Portland for ten days make sure we are current in all phases of IFR flight. To us, a big deal is Bill’s knowledge of computer sites and access to various weather and flight aids. Knowing the ins and outs of the web sites saves time and thoroughly prepares you for flight.Upgrading our Garmin 530/430 GPS system to WASS added a new dimension. Bill was familiar with the WASS system. Now we can fly approaches on autopilot to 500 feet above the runway. After going missed, we clean up the landing gear and flaps. A reset of the autopilot flies the missed approach to the holding pattern, and flies the hold! Wow, is that ever an advance in piloting and safety!

Bill not only understands flying and instruction, he understands you! He’s a very patient teacher, thorough in his approach, but explains all subject matter clearly in a way that speeds learning. Victoria and I hardily recommend Bill Fischer for your instrument rating needs.

We love you and thank you for making our pilot lives safe and fun!

Warm regards Bill,

N Kirk Taylor – Executive Vice President
CB Richard Ellis – Investment Properties, Institutional Group
1300 SW 5th Ave. Ste 200
Portland, OR 97201

Victoria Taylor

To Bill Fischer – our goal: my piloting safety & proficiency and my IPC.My A36 Bonanza is hangered at Portland International, a fairly busy airport, especially now when one runway is closed. Bill’s training and practical guidance helped make me comfortable with all of the communication variables that this environment requires. the tower almost always gave us something unexpected- great training for me. Bill is remarkable in his communication skills, and taught me a professional/ friendly way to talk with all controllers. With his example, I gained the confidence to ask the controllers to help or to request a change of plan or simple say, “unable”. I can so this easily now.

The equipment on my Bonanza includes- Garmin 530w & 430, and Bendix/ King KFC 225 autopilot and Audio Panel. I had a great time learning so much about my equipment and using it for navigation and fuel management as never before. Bill taught me to use the equipment to create a cockpit flow, it made my approaches and missed (and we did them all) easier and smooth. It was always fun! If I was in error we did it again, until I had it down. Great patients from Bill.

Bill taught me a greater level of the “anticipation skill” – I know this will help me and keep me safe! Bill knows knows a lot about Bonanzas, I know much more about my plane than before my training with Bill. He is experienced, practical and respectful.

I look forward to a refresher next year.

Victoria Taylor

Chris H

I own a company in N. Dakota and recently purchased a BE55. I then needed to learn to fly the twin. I decided on an accelerated training and contacted Bill Fischer. A week long course would work better for me than spending an hour here and an hour there, taking who knows how long. Bill made me feel comfortable and I liked the idea he would come up here and train me at my home airport on my schedule In one week we flew 32 hours plus ground school. At then end of the training Bill scheduled my check ride and I had no problem passing the oral and the flight test. I felt very confident, I was well prepared.
I had a blast and would highly recommend Bill to anyone looking to train in a twin or any other advanced course. Bill brings a wealth of knowledge to the flying experience.Thanks Bill.

Bil Evans

“I first met Bill Fischer in the spring of 2002 when I finally decided to get my instrument rating. I had been flying for 11 years and had always put it off because of the horror stories of people who started and never quite finished. I was determined to do it and chose the accelerated method. After making the call, Bill Fischer contacted me and away we went with the mornings training on the desktop simulator and the afternoons training in my Cessna Skyhawk 172 shooting approaches.
Bill was the first instructor ever to convey the sense that he wanted to see me succeed and I could tell he wasn’t “off somewhere else” mentally and looking towards his airline career. This, coupled with his trademark friendliness and sense of humor, Bill made those days actually enjoyable.Working with Bill Fischer over these years has been a rewarding and really enjoyable experience. I would heartily recommend him without hesitation. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.”Bill Evans
Instrument Airplane, Rotor-Helicopter
Nipomo, CA

Dr. Randjav Occupation: Engineer for the Los Angeles Water Department

Hi Bill,Thank you for helping me train for and pass my IFR check-ride. I am enjoying flying so much more now that I have the ability to make departures and arrivals without the restrictions of VFR. I will recommend my friends to you.



Herb Carlson

I live in San Juan Capistrano, California and was referred to Bill to train for and complete my IFR Certification. When I started working with Bill, I was soon relieved of any anxiety I had about the process by his calm and thorough teaching style. As promised, I had my IFR Rating after training at Chino airport, close to my home, in only 10 days as promised. I will continue to use him in the future for all of my flight training. I have also sent Bill 3 references and they too were very pleased with his services.Thanks Bill,

Herb Carlson